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A Message from the Jon Kaplan Fund

Dear friend,

Today the Jon Kaplan Legacy Fund is concluding its work in the community. We are so proud of the work we did to fulfil our mandate over the past five years, and very grateful for years of support from artists and donors from across Toronto and beyond.

I was Jon’s partner for over 40 years, and it was an immense privilege to spend so many years with such a kind and compassionate human being, who also happened to be a brilliant arts writer and a pillar of the Toronto theatre community.

Before Jon passed away in 2017, he expressed his wish for a Legacy Fund in his name – one that would extend support to the theatre artists he always loved to notice and champion – young playwrights, theatre students, and exceptional actors.

Over the past five years, together with your help, we made his wish a reality. Through the Jon Kaplan Legacy Fund we have honoured artists who have gone on to explore new artistic heights and continue to blaze a trail knowing their work is valued.

The wonderful recipients of Jon Kaplan Legacy Fund awards from 2019 to 2023 were Mikaela Davies, Polly Phokeev, Tal Katz, Justin Miller, Ka Kei Jeff Ho, Madelaine Hodges, Virgilia Griffith, athena kaitlin trinh, Haneul Yi, Tuna Gümeli, Jasmine Chen, Julie Phan, Rachel Mutombo, Kim Nelson, and Abigail Henry. 

We hope you continue to follow their work!

We were also happy to support independent artists and companies with small community grants over the past few years, and we encourage you to extend donations to your own local theatre creators when you can.

All recent donations and remaining proceeds of the Legacy Fund will be shared after February 1 with the Toronto Fringe – an organisation that was close to Jon’s heart, and the current home to an amazing program for young theatre reviewers.

Thank you for sharing your memories and time with us.

See you at the theatre,
Don Cole

Photo: Jon Kaplan and Don Cole. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

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